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#1 2012-11-13 22:03:33

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Microsoft surface sales modest ? Not targeting phone users ?

Original desktops are designed to do word processing much like typewriters. Since then they were for general use keeping desktop apps for sometime need in the future.

Today smartphones did all the email(short messages of no importance but maybe humorous).

The market for software developers declined because of webpage apps and games(webGL).

So, smartphones and iPad continue to sell for the software that came with it. Microsoft came with win8, which is desktop operating system with sped dial and personal settings. It is not a smart phone. It does not sell like an iPad.

Big data is for small smartphones or ipads to make them more powerful? Powerful computers are now useless because of software programming making codes short for strictly fast result to be published on small devices convenient to carry.



2012-11-13 22:03:33



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