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Carbon Bike Fork The fork rides very nicely, with little braking feedback, but nice and stiff. I have heard faint brake rub when drilling it out of the saddle but that applies to almost any quick release disc fork, the only solution being … p-662.html (I can’t believe I’m going to say it) 15mm through axles on cyclocross bikes.
I’m not sure how much I can attribute to the fork, but the Moots PsychloX Disc bike on which I installed the 3T Luteus is one of the best handling bikes I’ve ever ridden. … p-661.html The fork is distributed by Vittoria Industries North America and can be ordered through your local shop.

In the box is an aluminum insert kit with pre-fitted star nut, sandpaper and epoxy. While this does require some work to install, the weight is the same as an expansion insert and I feel it adds a bit of support against clamping stresses. The guys at Vittoria Industries North American, … p-660.html who distribute 3T in the U.S., assured me the expansion insert was fine to use. Breaking with convention, the cable routing is on the outside of the fork, nestled in a little groove and secured with two zip ties. At first I have to admit I didn’t love the idea of the cable/line being outside and exposed to impacts and damage, but to date I have not had a single problem with it. The plus side is that for cable actuated brakes the external routing makes for a very smooth and graceful connection with the caliper, possibly reducing cable resistance.


2012-11-05 07:49:28



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