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If Linux app stack can not be saved, what good is the kernel for IBMPC

Many embedded applications use the Linux apps of over 30,000. But alas, these apps are no longer usable due to kernel dependencies and graphics toolkits changing suddenly. Any realtime operating system can use hal and dbus to use the Linuc stack of apps in the version 2.4 kernels. Then kernel 2.6.x made many RPM apps not usable and had to be discarded. GNU file switching library made kernel 2.6.x worse, now the 3.3 kernels are spoiled often by Intel chipset drivers. 30,000 apps are going down the drain. 100,000 apps for browsers replaced them.

The kernel history of the past ten years of Linux development is not pretty. Ext4 still lack local defrag of writeback data FAT error on the hdd. Even though Drupal had fixed their comments edit fragmentation problem to showcase EXT4 problems. Why Linus can not see the problem and fix EXT4 with a module addition? One writeback FAT error, destroys the operating system and had to be reinstalled.

Android being browser operating system did not have to use desktop apps. Browser addon works fine packet by packet isolation. But the Chrome browser failed to work with a minimum of key strokes or mouse actions. Your fingers will tire from walking in the touch screen. Chrome did not have search engine priority once you use bookmarks. Search engine is often used for new webpage finding.

It will take SliTaz 3.0 stable to show what Linux can be stripped down, to be functional without the bloatiness and the added bugs galore. In tablets and netbooks, how many drivers is really needed? WiFi, hdmi, USB, touch screen, or someday speech commands.

Android 4.0 has serious display limitations to reduce it to a toy. iPhones can have terabyte packed in for serious work displaying data summary.



2012-01-23 11:39:07



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