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Sound problems on all Linux distros ? Problems of GCC shared files lib

Eventually, shared library had too many files that had missing bindings. Or accidentally bind to files not compatible.

Linux bugs are always missing bindings and symlinks needed to be blacklisted to keep shared files working for your distro.

Once you know the weakness of shared files, you watch out for list of dependency files shared to run a script.

Then when you test the app, you may hit a hidden macro(gnome) and send the app to a crash. Keep a list of gnome midden macros for testing apps.

Then you have to test gui icons for non functioning and crashes.

Then you will find missing bindings and symlinks you don't want.

Now, you look at sound and other ambiguous devices using sound chipset drivers such as internal dialup modems and wifi cards, you know where conflicts in scripts can make Alsa dependence of /dev/snd and /dev/audio to miss bindings. Pulse audio(real time) made a mess of alsa output. Not using pulse audio still need to keep bindings isolated, symlinks cleared from alsa drivers. Then you have to make sure multimedia players did not corrupt Alsa drivers or delete any shared files on exit.

Almost all linux distros had sound problems if you use it for a while. This is why Linux has only a 2% installed base mostly problems from shared files. On the other hand Microsoft had autoupdate to keep your computer working by error report and responding fixes.



2011-12-15 10:55:54



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