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#1 2011-11-14 08:36:27

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Bugs fixing on multiplexer technology ? less frequencies sync'd

We have discovered the faults in the multiplexer technology. OFDM had too many frqeucies that needed to be synchronized. In time division multiplexers, data is retrieved by asynchronized transfer mode. So, we will be looking over all the protocol and streamlined the multiplexer schemes and get uncorrupted radio data.

This kind of attention was never done at IEEE, we will have to have telephone companies do the data scrutinizing on radio transmissions. Wired data transfer too on multiplexer technology has to meet simplification process.

In WiFi /b, we have purity of signals that give us DSSS data close to theoretical perfection. In Wifi /g and /n, we are wasting valuable time and space continuum capacity of radio signals. doing too much resending of RX packets.



2011-11-14 08:36:27



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