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Electric generator is the key to future energy policy ?

For over 100 years, people were not smart enough to use electric heaters(cheap) to generate steam to run turbines to generate electricity. Today you can connect to the electric grid and use electric heater. Save all that money on fuel and atomic energy.

There comes a time when we discover the efficiency of alternators and lead acid batteries. 15 minutes of fully recharging battery can run two hours of golf carts. This means wind mill driven alternator can provide all the energy to drive golf carts(ultra light) forever(never stop to do slow recharging at stand still).

If ultra light is the vehicle then, you can add wings for lift and propeller to fly up to 1000 feet ceiling using 15 hp motor(3600 RPM). You can stay in the air indefinitely with alternators doing recharging of lead acid batteries.

This world will never be the same again. Rumor is golf carts are better electric cars. Or flying cars with wings and propeller added on go carts(tubular frame).



2011-09-02 09:31:00



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