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#1 2011-07-17 09:49:17

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Edubooks still up to date with its technology ? All parts replaceable

Only Norhtec in Singapore still selling Edubooks with WattOS, claiming never obsoleteable.  To certain degree, it is designed in modular parts, and all parts can be replaced with new design. Currently the price is $199 which can be obsoleted by $99 tablets.

So, it hoped that the power saving cpu using only 1/2 watt can keep them with devoted customers in Singapore.

It can be run with winXP and its autoupdated maintanence. And speed can be faster if WiFi is used. Internal bus FSB(less multiples) has to be faster for L2 cache running at 10 ghz to the 1 ghz cpu.

So, power saving software is their need to be superior. Frequency stepping and LCD dimmer after one minute of inactivity. This may bring about a deluxe model for more profits to further research and development.

Good luck.



2011-07-17 09:49:17



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