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#1 2011-07-16 09:36:16

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All tiny Linux compared to winCE ? Reduced pixels ?

WinCE is only 128 mB in ARM WiFi netbooks using 2 gB flash card. Very easy to do autoupdate once we request it. The real executable codes are some 90mB/200mB in the sram part of the flash memory. with some 25mB/56mB of codes to run the data compressed part of the flash memory. This is the penalty you have(two partitions) to run two bank switching of memory separately, you need runtime codes in both banks of memory. Then you need another flash card to store apps that you may need as middleware to webpages of interest. The Flash cards architecture is surely different from Disk operating system of old.

The first request for windows explorer(CE) may be two stacked panels, one large one small, to do file transfer by drag and drop? CE is a drag and drop operating system.

So far, WinCE looks and feel like a tiny XP with reduced hardware components. FreeCell has reduced pixels for graphics.

Computing power and speed is now on the back of reduced data transfer(data compression) for cost efficiency. Don't waste money, when time is money, don't waste time.



2011-07-16 09:36:16



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