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#1 2011-07-01 10:20:50

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WebOS is another Linux with stacked cards? UI to charm popularity?

Windows have desktop with icons to click, the applications are stacked in sequence that you can go back.

WebOS has stacked card of windows of applications. You can shuffle to the right card to do your task. Your fingers do the walking on the touchpad.

So, you would think an UI(user interface of graphics) is going to make or break a giant company. Many people are not impressed with cards, because of weak hardware of slight cpu speed improvement and dynamic memory being larger. The serial data clock was not the fastest.

So, having Linux is not helping, actually the bugginess of Linux will hurt WebOS unless the functionality is locked down. Mac OsX is based on BSD with scsi and added graphics of Apple UI. BSD is a reduced operating system locked down for bug control. Windows(NT/XP) is also BSD network operating system based with win95 graphic UI(foobar).

None of these operating systems use packet switching(server switching) only for cloud computing. New cloud computing operating system no longer require network operating system using server switching for software changes and people to people connection. 12 or 20 tabbed windows can do drag and drop OS(multitasking), stacked cards can not do drag and drop convenience between applications with one swipe.

Graphics development is time consuming without much efficiency benefits that online banking can do with mobile text banking on different pastel colored webpages.



2011-07-01 10:20:50



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