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#1 2011-06-22 08:27:54

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US DTV programs on dvd reviewed in Beijiang, posted here ?

Its not well known that so many DTV programs in USA is now reviewed in Beijiang, China? But they are posted here on the Unofficial Austrumi subdomain website. We are not removing or deleting them, but readers are few so far.

It has not been too helpful in building membership to attract DVD users. We are mostly writing about the future of data centers, internet cloud computing and webpage operating system, which gives the Chinese some new technology. They wrote here to tell us what they have seen and recorded from their data center.

The reason to watch some off topic posting is to see the underground activity in Beijiang in their development of telephone data center. First, they have webbooks to get on internet; their ip address started with 123  in Beijiang. India is 122, in Delhi telephone data center.

Then, their data center has many TV stations shown from around the world. They can watch TV soap and other programs in US at their home. They also have webdvd to record them into many sequals in one dvd. Hence, the DVD review is seasonally complete in recorded dvd.

We probably will hear about webhdd of terabyte data storage capacity for home library. Tablet scheduler and new cellphone video(movie) recorders, soon. This is the technology revolution, the real speed is how to use 75 ghz data clock in USB bus.



2011-06-22 08:27:54



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