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ebay and USPS shipping label scanning process never worked ?

When you ship something at the post office and buy a delivery confirmation(the package is scanned by the bar code), you are immediately notified of acceptance. And the tracking from location to location began until delivered.

When you print a shipping label from ebay/paypal, the scanning process is electronically transferred to usps. Then USPS may never receive the package, because if the postman picked up the package, he does not scan the shipping label. Ebay did not get USPS to process its shipping label into the USPS system. Many packages are picked up by postman to the post office.

Packages were lost, tracking info never available. sometimes, you might get lucky and they found the package at a sorting station many weeks later. Sometime, you have to get money back from ebay, never receive the package at all.

Ebay never did study USPS scanning system, because not all packages have tracking barcodes. Postman must be asked to scan the package into USPS scanning system?

Watch out for ebay sellers not even sending the package after printing the shipping label.

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2011-06-08 08:10:27



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