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New phone company started with $8 billion investment ? Clone of sip

Once upon a time Skype was free phone on the internet except you have to pay for the pots phone connection. So, it never got anywhere.

Ebay bought it for communication among its users and their staff. But they sold it in 2009 to an investment firm. who just sold it to Microsoft.

In the mean time, Microsoft had been secretly worked on Widows 7 phone system. Which is now called Microsoft Bing voice. Apperently, this system is similar to sip phone. and they need a supplier Nokia.

Sip phone was free but the phone can not connect to pots. So, its only private phone for friends and relatives. Can not do business like pots.

The Micorosft telephone system can however, use WiFi backhaul to connect to 3G or 4G cellphones. Then to pots phones someday(Dock N talk, etc.)? Windows Bing voice service(telephone company roaming charges) lets pots or celltelephones skype pocketpcs or tablets.

Skype voip on internet has to use edgeQam data channels, today. Bing does the search and connect?

You heard it here firat. Please contribute and keep us going. Send money.



2011-05-10 16:55:57



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