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#1 2009-03-27 14:03:01

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Install Austrumi on hdd using grub instead of lilo ?

Do not use hdd install on Austrumi, because it is used to install Austrumi on Windows computer. Lilo can boot Austrumi as dos.

Grub is installed in MBR. You do not want to do it that way.

If you already have grub installed with windows, you should use chainload +1 to install Austrumi on the top of the grub order. If windows is 0 then Austrumi will be 1 on the root partition.

Which means if grub is installed with Mandriva, then chainload +1 will make Austrumi 2 in the boot order. You have to have your Austrumi bootloader in the root partition. Otherwise, /etc/fstab will not be found.

For grub, title Austrumi, root hdx,0, chainload +1.

Have fun. Notice that whichever hdd has the windows in the root partition, it has to be very large physical partition. Chainload then adds +1 logical partition by fs to boot each additional Linux distro. In doubt, search or Google 'grub chainload partition'?



2009-03-27 14:03:01



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