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How to use Austrumi remastering ?

Basically, to change Austrumi, you have to learn how to remaster Austrumi same as Andrejs and Agime did.

The Latvian way of doing things as not the same as other Linux distros.

You can tell, if you used dialup modem. the program is simple and automated, but the GUI panels are different from any other distros. It takes some trial and error to learn remastering too.

The concept in Austrumi, is to setup the hdd first by partition and size determination.

Then decompress the ISO files into the hdd. Then you can add files or delete files. You must also modify scripts to have dependencies fixed and bindings fixed.

After it works, then you compress the completed distro and burn on a cd or cdrw.

An easier way, is to install Austrumi in the hdd in its own partition. Then you can download static programs to add into Austrumi. You can also change anything same as Austrumi v1.10el(greek version). Then you can decompress it to make an iso file for livecd, if you wish.

The way the Greek version is done, is to use a Greek Linux distro as template and change Austrumi to conform to the Greek distro. This a language conversion, but midnight commander is added also.

Livecd is data compressed iso file. Hdd install maybe data uncompressed. toram option is used if you have less dram then needed to run Austrumi, so cdrom is replace with hdd. Austrumi does not yet have toram option. So if you want a larger Austrumi with lots of applications, you may have to have toram option or a hdd install.



2006-10-29 07:50:49



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