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Why set-top box Mele a1000 is important? Design data center/home TV?

Mele A1000 has been available for some time. It is designed to be used as a set-top box for TV and cableTV communication by wifi or ethernet backhaul(edgeQam set-top box).

It has more features than most ARM motherboards of cheaper design.

It has sata hdd that could be used as a data center to have data storage for smartphone.  Big data on smartphone needs data storage to support paperless transactions to prevent any loss of data over time.

This require virtual analyzer and comparator to help big data centers to rebuild data from individual data storage.

There are vga or hdmi output to monitors, but 720p hdmi in the USA needs 60 hZ and european hdmi is 50 hz.

A new operating system still has plenty of bugs to be worked out. Android operating system is insufficient for set-top boxes, especially used as a home data center of your own.



2012-05-26 08:23:25



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