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How to develop Puppy smartphone tablet ? ARM platform is not enough ?

The computer system is ever changing. Operating system is no longer to install components and add video/audio codecs. The operating system in realtime is shifted to webpages. You can run apps and games on facebook.

The telcos are running communications on satellites even gps. At home we will be using wifi Moxi set-top box for a data center. Single user at home may even use wifi Mele A1000 on interactive TV.

PC and laptops are now in declining sales. Tablets using PC components are not efficient with webpage operating system(dedicated hardware and codec).

So, until Barry can see the website operating system on webpages, Puppy development is stalled somewhere in older distros' binary codes. Operating systems even need multiuser browser on wifi.

Website realtime operating system is merely posix packets with hal and dbus on the stack.

In hard realtime operating system, suppose i run five websites on speed dial in browser. I assign five time sliced data channels in realtime, and data is collected at the same time from each data channel on speed dial. You can see five movies at the same time and listen to five movies from five projecting locations on the screen too. This sound technology will be very useful in video/audio conference calls(stereophonic effects of a moving train; A+B, A-B?).



2012-05-19 09:46:20



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