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Microwave cooking secrets revealed ?

Microwave cooking is either steaming or baking. Baking is done with out enclosure. Steaming is done in a sealed enclosure such as plastic wrap from the super market.

Cooking time depends on the meat or vegetable or fruit. It is so many minutes per pound of food and how well it cooked. Typically between 3 - 10 minutes half power per pound of food.

To roast or bake, all you have to use is a Kleenex paper on top of the food to let steam out and oil under the paper. The retained oil vapor does the normal roasting on the food surface.

Microwave cooking depends on power used to cook. Tender meat is cooked with half power or 500 watts, whether steam or bake. To much power burns the food.

Microwave can heat up bakery goods, but you have to use only seconds(20) of time at a time to retain water content to prevent turning bakery into bricks.

This is the secret of microwave cooking, assisted by paper cover or plastic wrapped packages. Cooking(baking) potato for 9 minutes half power can have more intense flavor, if you place a piece of paper under the potato to absorb water coming out of it.

Typical time for microwave cooking(half power) minutes per pound:
Beef 6 minutes
Pork or lamb 10 minutes
chicken 10 minutes
Fish 3 minutes
Vegetables or fruits 9 minutes
Muffins or donuts heating up 20 seconds each full power
Soup(cup) heating up 1.5-2 minutes full power

Frozen food needs defrosting cycle set by microwave oven before you do the cooking.

You can bake muffins by microwave,  check on the internet for recipes.



2011-12-05 12:01:53



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