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#1 2011-10-27 06:19:16

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Browser skin is the distro of choice for browser OS ? Boot with voice

iPhone4s(for speech) sells great when the innovation was the speech module to answer search engine. speech software over the years had been improved, not by speech envelop, but by speech to text and text to speech definitions.

Once text by speech is spelling checked speech can not make much mistakes. and text to speech set the audio frequency envelop standard for enunciation.

So, when you turn on smartphone next year or two, it will wait for a voice input to search engine?

Browser skin developers have not had their field day yet, until they can add speech module(front end) to any browser engine.

I remember years ago browser skin made its entry on IE browser. It was fun but not much improvements. today, just the translation of webpages is great then adding active-x directory made old browsers functionally more capable. Old browsers are renewed.

But, skin developers never imagined that browser can become operating system, bypassing desktop window manager. Its not difficult if browser workspace and addressbar opens up, to file manager and display movie screen. Now voice commands to the microphone can activate VUI(voice user interface). Just a few common words, and questions for instant search engine begin cloud computing.

iPhone set the tone, now we have to catch up by the skin for faster browser operating system results.

Find all the small search engines to use for internet data mining? and add summary writing tools to collate answers. Take all your time to do a good job designing the next cellphone?

However, many search engine can not be used. li Bing search gets paid search first then repeated keyword sorting(yahoo inktomi). Comparison of search engines are on the net for you info.



2011-10-27 06:19:16



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