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Golf carts driver by wind energy, may use two tablets ?

There are Florida villages that have 90 miles of golf cart paths. Everyone in the village owned one or two golf carts worth $6000-20000 each. So far speed is limited to 25 mph max.

But with wind power and 250 amps alternator, wind energy can charge batteries or directly drive motor up to 100 miles per hour on the move. Never recharge from the house again. Perpetual motion machine on the cheap.

On the steering wheel should have two tablets mounted, one for GPS navigation, the other for telephony to other drivers or friends.

Technology of wind power for ultra light electric cars have been discovered, if lead acid batteries are used. Lithium batteries are not good for electric cars since GM Volts are stuck with a technology recharging lithium batteries(10 year life 50% charged, somewhere between 3.7 and 4.2 volts) that never can be developed properly. Lead acid batteries(3 year life fully charged 12.6 volts) are usable everyday with efficient alternator recharging.

On digital cameras and laptops, lithium batteries should not be fully charged and not used. Set the clock and have discharge all the time. Keep the voltage less than 4.2 volts or better with 3,9 volts., or better yet at 50% power during storage. It is important also not to let the voltage discharge too low to 3.0 volts. As you can see you are a slave to your lithium batteries, they need to be frequently used, never forgotten. You need warning immediately above 3.9 volts and below 3.6 volts with periodic loud burst of sound and notice to recharge or stop charging. Lead acid battery now has battery tester used during charge from alternator to battery voltage and current(battery negative terminal to ground) to indicate battery condition and bad cell if any. Lithium battery has no battery condition tester yet.



2011-07-11 10:53:00



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