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#1 2011-07-03 10:19:39

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Search for elixir to extend your life ? Milk and corn syrup ?

For centuries, people were searching for elixir to extend life. Often mistaken the importance of building block of food that can grow all body parts. Vitamins are insufficient.

The true elixir is milk and corn syrup or baby formula. Babies grow all body parts with this formula. Teeth were grown as well.

When we grow old, we stopped drinking milk and corn syrup. We lose our teeth(can not eat many food hard to chew), and our brain deteriorates, having weaker brain waves.

So, elixir is baby formula to rebuild all body parts including brain growth. But don't forget babies also sleep a lot to synchronize growing body parts with the braincells and brainwaves.

Babies grow fat with corn syrup(corn oil). Babies grow thin with sugar and milk.



2011-07-03 10:19:39



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