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#1 2011-06-25 18:55:10

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Is Prex 0.4 OS a netmanager or a text browser ?

If you have a cellphone, and you can load Prex 0.4 OS? You can boot to a cellphone subscription, and input an http: address for a website and get a webpage in text. This means, you can have few protocols and get all the color webpages on your monitor.

So, if you have a web monitor 720p, you don't have to do vga or svga or wxga video processing.

Then you can also modify the 3G dialer to use WiFi drivers to dhcp the gateway router if there are radio signals of an unsecured hotspot, selected automatically and connected for http: address(any portal) input that you can program.

This makes things(splash screen) instant on, and minimal browser for tablets of extreme light weight.

Also can replace android smartphones.



2011-06-25 18:55:10



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