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Recently a pleasant gambling trip to Foxwood ?

The way to experience a pleasant gambling trip to a casino in the US, is to buy a round trip bus ticket, sometimes as cheap as $25. The casino runs the bus trip and will give you a free buffet ticket and $10 gambling ticket. This means the trip is maybe expense free other than the bus ticket. Buses are designed for comfort nowadays. Seats can be tilted back.

Buffet has certain standards, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dinner is not available for bus trips before it leaves on time at 4pm. Luncheon will include seafoods. Don't waste the free buffet ticket on breakfast.

Gambling of any form is available, but slots may be most enjoyable for most. Las Vagas still starts at $1, other places may start at $5 to test your luck. Odds are interesting. If you play all day, you will probably lose all your money. But payout sometimes can be 300% of the money you start with in the slot machine. Its all computerized. You have to feel the payout by testing the action of the slot. There maybe a sweatspot for the number of chances to payout more than paidin to your consistent advantage, until the odds change depending on the programed schedule on the slot. Winning in gambling is always knowing when to stop.

So, we will be going back to try our luck again.



2011-06-19 04:42:05



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