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#1 2010-10-28 11:12:54

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DistroWatch review of Austrumi v2.16 by Smith ? Not a thorough review.

Smaith bragged about the mouse clicked menu listing which was used in kernel 2.4.x by DSL and any Debian distros. This review may show that Smith never did use Austrumi much to compare with other tiny distros. DistroWatch should set its standards higher to publish any reviews.

I am not doing a review here of Smith's review.

But Austrumi review has to be compared with its earlier versions. The trend is that each version has changes; being tiny, its upto you to choose which version you prefer to use. The latest one uses chromium browser, and you must use wifi to connect to the internet. You must know kernel selects the WiFi drivers? Or use dhcpcd v5.x to get the kernel WiFi drivers?



2010-10-28 11:12:54



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